Doctor, Doctor

In another hour, I’ll be heading into the doctor’s office for some out-patient surgery on my neck, and – even though the procedure is minor – I’m nervous about…oh, having needles stuck in my neck, being cut open, and being stitched and neck-braced. Some things you just never get used to.

Happily, I’ve started work again on my re-vamped new book – and, for now, the title is When I Grow Up, I Wanna Be Kenneth Tobey (although I’m still fluctuating between “wanna” and “want to” – trying to decide which sounds more natural). Two essays are now complete, with a partial essay awaiting additional writing. I’ve re-jiggered the order of the pieces, but the final product is still far from set in stone. Unlike a novel, there’s no narrative beginning, middle, and end. This should be fun.

My wife calls – it’s time to leave for the doctor and the pre-op procedures. See you all soon.

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